Tiger MP S2460 was [ot] Re: AMD testing

Donald B. Kinghorn kinghorn at pqs-chem.com
Mon Nov 19 10:03:35 PST 2001

We'll it won't blow up with a kaboom ... According to the Mushkin web site 
you can use 2 non-registered modules on the tiger 2460 ...

Now, I'll give my opinion. This board is poorly enginered and has been a 
pain make suitable for scientific computing. I've had numerous memory 
problems with these boards and most of the problems don't show up as obvious 
crashes. They are the worst kind of errors -- corrupted results for large 
jobs --- the kind of thing you might not catch without carefull testing. I 
have found that I can not reliably use more than 3 memory modules (of any 
type) on these boards. If you need a 1GB configuration DON'T USE 4 256MB 
MODULES. Try 2 512MB or 2 256 and 1 512 module.

I have a cluster running reliably with no detectable errors under any load 
(FINALLY) using the tiger 2460 with the 1.03 bios using 2 256 Crucial reg 
ecc modules and 1 Infenion (64x4) reg ecc 512MB module on each board. You 
need to ENABLE quick boot in the bios, use ECC SCRUB (maybe not essential), 
use a recent (>2.4.11) kernel with a stable vm, use an append  noapic in 
lilo and do NOT use any mem= appends in lilo. All of these steps may not be 
simultaneously needed but I am sick of fighting with this motherboard and 
this configuration seems to work reliably. (your milage may vary)

I'm looking forward to seeing some better dual athlon boards come to the 
market. Does any one have any info on when this may happen?

Best regards

>[i'm off list so please reply to me directly aswell as the list]

>Has any user of the Tiger MP S2460 had experience of what happens if you 
>use registered memory? Will it blow up :-) ??

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