Tiger MP S2460 was [ot] Re: AMD testing

W Bauske wsb at paralleldata.com
Mon Nov 19 19:28:01 PST 2001

I must have gotten lucky. I built a test system, installed RH7.2 on it,
and it works fine. I only put 2 512MB ECC DIMM's in it though so perhaps that's
why I didn't have so much trouble. Also tried MP vs XP processors and both
perform identically with this board. It's the fastest Athlon system I've tested.


"Donald B. Kinghorn" wrote:
> ...
> We'll it won't blow up with a kaboom ... According to the Mushkin web site
> you can use 2 non-registered modules on the tiger 2460 ...
> Now, I'll give my opinion. This board is poorly enginered and has been a
> pain make suitable for scientific computing. I've had numerous memory
> problems with these boards and most of the problems don't show up as obvious
> crashes. They are the worst kind of errors -- corrupted results for large
> jobs --- the kind of thing you might not catch without carefull testing. I
> have found that I can not reliably use more than 3 memory modules (of any
> type) on these boards. If you need a 1GB configuration DON'T USE 4 256MB
> MODULES. Try 2 512MB or 2 256 and 1 512 module.
> I have a cluster running reliably with no detectable errors under any load
> (FINALLY) using the tiger 2460 with the 1.03 bios using 2 256 Crucial reg
> ecc modules and 1 Infenion (64x4) reg ecc 512MB module on each board. You
> need to ENABLE quick boot in the bios, use ECC SCRUB (maybe not essential),
> use a recent (>2.4.11) kernel with a stable vm, use an append  noapic in
> lilo and do NOT use any mem= appends in lilo. All of these steps may not be
> simultaneously needed but I am sick of fighting with this motherboard and
> this configuration seems to work reliably. (your milage may vary)
> I'm looking forward to seeing some better dual athlon boards come to the
> market. Does any one have any info on when this may happen?
> Best regards
> -Don
> >[i'm off list so please reply to me directly aswell as the list]
> >Has any user of the Tiger MP S2460 had experience of what happens if you
> >DON'T
> >use registered memory? Will it blow up :-) ??
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