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Eric Kuhnke eric at fnordsystems.com
Sun Nov 4 10:19:35 PST 2001

$15 power supplies of any variety are invariably garbage...  there are
plenty of 300W power supplies in the $30-$35 range from larger taiwanese
manufacturers that put out 30A on the 5V wire.  But then, the price diff
between 300 and 350W is often $5, so go with the higher wattage.

An excellent Athlon/AthlonXP/AthlonMP cooler is the Dynatron DC1206BM-L,
it measures 60x60mm (horizontally) and uses a unique micro-fin design.
I've had very good results with it on the 1.53GHz Palomino core CPUs.
This HSF costs around $20 each.  URL:

> > BTW - anyone have experience running non-MP athlons on these boards? I
> > booted it with a couple and ran various jobs (dnetc, gromacs, g98,
> > bunch of compile jobs of said programs as well as a FreeBSD and linux
> > kernel among other things) and I've had no problems yet.
> Sounds promising, did you get any noticable drop in performance?

I know it's possible to run dual Athlon-C (Thunderbird) 1.4GHz CPUs on the
Tyan S2460, but it's not adviseable unless your budget is really limited.
The Palominos (AthlonMP/AthlonXP) perform at least 15% better in many
FPU-intensive tasks.

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> > BTW do NOT use 300W power supplies. I blew 2 trying. You need 30A on
> > the +5V line. The 350W PSs I got do 32A on +5 and work great (and
> > seem to be of higher quality altogether too).
> thanks for the tip, shame I didn't know before as I went and
> bought a 300w one
> yesteray that only does 25A on the +5v line :-( but atleast it
> only cost £15.
> > Watch out with the heatsinks you use on the Tyan Tiger, golden orbs
> > do NOT FIT with all the caps surrounding the CPUs. Use square or
> > WIDE (rectangular) heatsinks. A long one or circular one just
> wont fit.
> The Akasa Icicle 765's I got with my mobo work great (or as far as I can
> currently tell as the machine hasn't been running for more than
> 20 seconds, but
> they fit tight and fully cover the chip + more).
> Thanks,
> Hereward
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