Scyld distro- Help with examples

Joe Nellis jnellis at
Sun Nov 4 13:15:50 PST 2001


I am writing a tutorial for a recently constructed Scyld beowulf cluster (-7
basic ed.) and I have some questions on the location of include files.
Basically I am having users copy the /usr/mpi-beowulf/examples to their home
directory and then make/compile them there so they can play with them.  My
problem comes with the example.   The include file is mpi++.h
which further asks for other includes in the /usr/include/mpi-beowulf/
directory when they are actually located in the
/usr/include/mpi-beowulf/c++/ directory.  Were these files supposed to be
stuffed into this 'c++' subdirectory for some reason and is it safe to move
them up to the parent directory so the example can compile?

Joe Nellis
jnellis at
beowulf at

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