hamachi.c problems under 2.2.14?

James Manning jmm@computer.org
Thu Apr 6 15:21:42 2000

> ./hamachi.o: unresolved symbol best_memset
>         /* memset(hmp, 0, sizeof(*hmp)); */
> If I comment it out, it does compile and insmod correctly and appears to be 
> working, although my counters look wierd.

I don't see best_memset in the kernel sources I have for 2.2.14, so all I
can assume is your version has a #define memset best_memset or something
similar...  You can toss that (the above memset() line is quite valid :)

The counters look weird as they default to some random values instead of
0 (since the memset never ran to zero out the memory)

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