Upgrade of Hamachi to v0.14 driver from v0.11 fails miserably... :-(

Kevin P. Fleming kfleming@access-laserpress.com
Mon Apr 24 20:51:13 2000

On Friday I upgraded the kernel on my main server from 2.2.14 to
2.2.15pre19, and upgraded hamachi.c from 0.11 to 0.14. Recompiled, rebooted,
everything seemed to be working fine.

Came in this morning, and about half of our workstations could not connect
to the server (packets sent to the server were just lost, or the server's
replies were lost, I'm not sure which). I recompiled the 0.11 driver,
unloaded the module and reloaded the old one, and everything's working

Is there anyone actively working on this driver that wants me to test
anything, or is this just a dead horse? :-)
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