[vortex] 3c905c at 100Mbits/full-duplex : problems

Koos van den Hout koos@kzdoos.xs4all.nl
Sat, 24 Mar 2001 07:58:16 +0100

Quoting Brice Crespin who wrote on Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 06:11:30PM +0100:

> I have tried to use my 3c905c-TX  to operate at 100Mbits/full-duplex, but it
> doesn't work.

> I have forced 100Mbits and full-duplex with the 3c90x.exe
> => during the boot, led show activity at 100, everything is OK  but when the
> network script start I can see the led 10Mbits switched on and I can't ping
> a host
> nb : the switch is forced at 100Mbits/full-duplex
> I have also tried autonegotiation on both side, but id didn't work.

My experience: forcing stuff does not work, and excessive collisions
(caused by a difference in opionion about duplex) can switch those cards
to 10 mbit.

I finally got it fixed when I configured the card when it was connected to
the switch. I had it connected, selected 'autoconfigure' and then I got
'N-way autonegotiation' as setting and the switch indicated that it was
set at full-duplex.

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