[vortex] Does 3c59x.c support 3C905C-TXM ?

Marcus Ramos marcus@ansp.br
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 16:11:47 -0300


My box (Dell GX110) has a 3C905-TX built-in in its main board and uses
the 3c59x driver without any problem. After installing a second NIC on
the same box, namely 3C905C-TXM PCI board, and after rebooting /
reconfiguring, the following happens:

1) a new line is added to /etc/modules.conf: besides "alias eth0 3c59x"
it shows "alias eth1 3c90x";
2) lsmod shows that only 3c59x has indeeed been loaded (3c90x doesn't
show up);
3) I can't use eth1. It refuses even a single ping.

My questions are:

a) What is the difference between 3C905C-TX and 3C905-TXM ?
b) Does 3c59x.c support both 3C905-TX and 3C905-TXM ? How can I make it
work for 3C905C-TXM as well ?
c) Why did linux (RH7 kernel 2.2.16) choose 3c90x for eth1 but did not
load it ?

I am really confused about this. Will be most grateful for any help.
Thanks in advance.