redhat and my ethernet 3c905b card

Fri Sep 4 16:34:09 1998

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> /* Allow the use of fragment bus master transfers instead of only
>    programmed-I/O for Vortex cards.  Full-bus-master transfers are always
>    enabled by default on Boomerang cards.  If VORTEX_BUS_MASTER is
>    defined, the feature may be turned on using 'options'. */
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Under there you'll find something like
> #endif

But, isn't it by default turned on in 0.99F?

BTW,  I have setup the 905B, detected, ping/telnet ... no problem.  But, when I
try to download large
file, 50MB, 100MB ... or put it under high stress.  The card always freezed the
machine (I tried to use
other NE2000 card, same config on both side, except I use NE2000 in my machine,
and found no prob)

I spent days try to find out the cause, where can I get the debug info if I set
debug option on , say to 2?


Wayne Wan