redhat and my ethernet 3c905b card

Mon Sep 7 08:24:35 1998

> But, isn't it by default turned on in 0.99F?
> BTW, I have setup the 905B, detected, ping/telnet ... no problem.  
> But, when I try to download large file, 50MB, 100MB ... or put it
> under high stress.  The card always freezed the machine (I tried to
> use other NE2000 card, same config on both side, except I use NE2000
> in my machine, and found no prob)
> I spent days try to find out the cause, where can I get the debug info
> if I set debug option on , say to 2?


Pfft I have no idea ;) It just worked for me... and the new boot disks
never worked. The card used to give me those freezing problems but not
anymore ...

Nathan Ollerenshaw                  <>
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