Homer Wilson Smith root@lightlink.com
Sun Nov 3 13:40:00 2002

    DLINK DFE 570TX 4 port with Intel 21143TD chipset.

    I have *NEVER* been able to get a 21143 chip to go into
full duplex with 10BaseT ports.  21140's work fine, and 21143's
work fine with 100BT.

    Running Linux 2.0.38 using latest tulip.c, and pci-scan.c, tulip-diag
SAYS the chip is in full duplex mode, but the full dup light is not on,
and the cisco 1900 switch it is connected to shows runt frames and
terrible throughput, classic signs the ethercard is still in half duplex.
Putting the switch into half dup, things work well but in half dup.

    Am I missing something here, or should I give up?


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