Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Sun Nov 3 19:05:00 2002

On Sun, 3 Nov 2002, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:

> > alias eth0 tulip
> > alias eth1 tulip
> > options tulip options=16
> >
> >     Am I out of luck?
>     Use options=16,16,16,16
>     One for each port.  I notice 16 no longer means full
> dup with the newest drivers, they have full_duplex=1,1,1,1
> and options=4,4,4,4 also work.

The module flag
has not changed, but is depricated.  The full_duplex name was defined
in a simpler era, before autonegotiation, when it seemed mostly
orthogonal to the media selection.  Today it's obvious that the duplex
must only be forced when the link speed is also specified.

The tulip driver long ago used '16' as a flag, but that was changed to
0x200 when the transceiver type list was extended past 16.  (Although I
see that the web page wasn't properly updated and is inconsistent.. doh!)
Just as with 'full_duplex', you should not use the flag.  Instead
explicity setting the transceiver+speed+duplex using the option index.

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