Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Sun Nov 3 19:10:24 2002

On Sun, 3 Nov 2002, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:

>     DLINK DFE 570TX 4 port with Intel 21143TD chipset.
>     I have *NEVER* been able to get a 21143 chip to go into
> full duplex with 10BaseT ports.  21140's work fine, and 21143's
> work fine with 100BT.
>     Running Linux 2.0.38 using latest tulip.c, and pci-scan.c, tulip-diag
> SAYS the chip is in full duplex mode, but the full dup light is not on,

What driver version?

> and the cisco 1900 switch it is connected to shows runt frames and

What option are you passing?
What is the detection message?

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