[tulip] Tulip problems on ACCTON EN 2242

Joerg Friedrich Joerg.Dieter.Friedrich@uni-konstanz.de
Wed Jun 12 11:41:01 2002


I just reply to this old mail since I think there is a solution for the
Problems with Accton EN2242 Mini-PCI cards not getting an interrupt and
not working.

This should address following problem:

Some laptops (at least Gericom ones) are build with these ethernet
controllers and the laptop's BIOS has no option to assign the needed
interrupt (This means no option like PNP OS = NO) and there are no
BIOS-Updates available.

Since I do _not_ own such a laptop I was not able to test it.

The trick is to patch the kernel's ACPI. Just apply the patch from
acpi.sourceforge.net, disable APM and enable ACPI. 

Maybe there it's nesseccary to append 'pci=acpiirc' as kernel-parameter.

According to the kernel changelogs this is only needed for linux 2.4.x
since changes from acpi.sf.net had been checked into development kernel
since 2.5.7.

Note I was not able to test this, I just read it on another list.

For german readers (and Suse-Users) these links might help you:

Yours Joerg

Thomas Renninger schrieb am Donnerstag, 02. Mai 2002 um 12:20:39 +0200:
> I hope you can help me or tell me where to find help.
> I already got my ethernet card working with the tulip driver, but I'm
> afraid, I can not reproduce why it is not working any more ...
> It is an ethernet card with a modem on it ...
> I can load the tulip driver, but i can not set up eth0 with ifconfig.
> It seems for me like an IRQ conflict, but I did not find my Error on your
> help page ...:

Heute ist nicht alle Tage, ich komm' wieder, keine Frage!!!


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