[tulip] tulip with conexant chip also breaks under load with a presario 1211

Henrik Wening henrik99@gmx.de
Wed Jun 12 04:45:01 2002


i am just following the discussion on your list and had a little
conversation with Bernard Cafarelli who wrote in april 2002:


I asked him about his solution but he was afraid and bet me to
post my identicaly problem to this list.

It seems to be a problem with this laptop Compaq Presario 1211EA.

I can reproduce a breakdown with heavy network traffic i.e. NFS
uploads. After a reset of the network i can go on. The problem
seems to appear when the cpu is very busy. (No idle time).

Currently i use 2.4.17 only with the tulip-0.92wax.tar.gz as
described in:

Greetings from germany,


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