[tulip] Only 1 port on a 21143 Quad.

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Wed Jun 12 10:20:02 2002

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 VIZADINI@lanier-europe.com wrote:

> > This PCI configuration space indicates that you have a single port 21143
> > card installed.  You do *not* have a bus bridge from a four port card.
> > The bus bridge will typically be a 21050, 21052, 21150, or 21152 chip.
> > Are you certain that you actually have a four port card installed?
> well.. i certainly hope it's a 4-port card..
> that's what the item was marketed as, by BlackBox, that's what the
> box and the manual say, and, in fact, there are four physical ports on
> the card.

> i21143PD

Do you have only one 21143 chip?

I think that you actually have a single port card, with a built-in
hub (repeater or switch).

> do you think there could be something wrong with the card then?
> from a previous posting; here are the names+numbers of all the chips i
> could find on the card. in case it helps:

> LES105
> 0053AAABR26753.1

This appears to be a Ethernet switch chip. The only reference I found
was at http://www.mplusd.com/.

> 0136TN
> AC101-QF

This is is a Altima AC101 MII transciever.
"0136" means the 36th week of 2001.

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