[tulip] Multiport cards under linux kernel 2.4.3

Aaron J Fabbri fabbri@vital-4.cs.uoregon.edu
Tue, 29 May 2001 12:38:51 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for your reply.  I believe my card is a 4-port DEC "Tulip" 21140 based 
card, not the 64 bit version you mention.  I am actually using two cards in the 
same machine:

1) single port kingston (tulip based), works fine
2) 4-port Adaptec (also tulip based), dead...

I'm passing parameters from my boot loader (lilo.conf) to tell the kernel to 
probe beyond eth0, yes I re-ran /sbin/lilo.  My modules.conf contains:

alias eth0 tulip
alias eth1 tulip
alias eth2 tulip
alias eth3 tulip
alias eth4 tulip

My machine has AMI Bios, which i noticed caused some problems with older 

This configuration was working fine under freebsd 4.0.

Help is appreciated.

Aaron Fabbri

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>My Redhat Linux 7.1 starfire driver (v1.03) works for the Adaptec Quartet
>Kenneth Lafond
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>Subject: [tulip] Multiport cards under linux kernel 2.4.3
>Does anyone have any info on using recent tulip drivers with multiple port
>such as the Adaptec/Cogent Quartet.  I've spent the day doing research but 
>nothing is working.
>The existing web references are outdated, e.g. the reverse_probe module 
>parameter no longer exists as a work-around for a buggy bios.
>We had these cards working under freebsd 4.0, but linux 2.4.3 can't handle 

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