[tulip] Any sucess with Conexant miniPCI (presario notebooks) on Linux?

Richard Casey rcasey@translink.com.au
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 09:56:01 +1000

Anyone able to get the Conexant MiniPCI ethernet working with Linux?

My surfing has revealed several others looking at getting unix working with
Conexant, which is in-built on recent compaq notebooks (Eg: presario 1700).

My main areas of searching to date have been:-
	1) Compaq:	Absolute dead end
	2) Linux:	Some promosing leads, a few tid-bits related to
linmodems, but no reports of sucess (yet). 
	3) Conexant:	Some leads, but its a maze of information, mostly

Tulip has sounded promising, but the relevant threads seemed to die away in
December 2000 without mension of the resolution. 
It's not clear which options on the tulip site are the relevant ones (eg: as
this Presario has the conexant "mini-PCI" as a built-in, should it still be
considered an external card when trying to find the correct drivers and

Hope to hear of sucess out there...