[tulip] anyone get danpex afp1100 to do fdx?

Leo Wierzbowski leow@ufl.edu
Sat, 07 Apr 2001 14:31:17 -0400

Donald Becker wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Leo Wierzbowski wrote:
> > After many reboots I've discovered that the newer model will sometimes
> > go into FDX with options 0x20b.  When it does so, tulip identifies the
> > NIC similarly as the old model (Media MII described by a 21142).  When
> > it doesn't, the message below appears, and this is the normal case for
> > 0x20b (and is always the case when I specify the MII media type or try
> > any other combo of anything):
> Please clarify this.
> Do you mean that the detection message changes between reboots?


> If so, that indicates that the EEPROM read is somehow unreliable.
> The v0.92t driver has a change from the earlier driver versions to add
> extra turn-around time when reading the EEPROM.  This was for a specific
> card model with slow EEPROMs, and only occurred with 600Mhz+ machines.

This is a 550MHz PIII.

> Please try v0.92t to see if the problem is corrected.

Initial tests indicate that v0.92t corrects the problem.  I will be
doing some lab tests next week, but remote tests today look very good indeed:

Apr  7 13:51:47 gatorouter kernel: eth0: Using user-specified media MII

Apr  7 13:51:47 gatorouter kernel: eth1: Using user-specified media MII

This will remove a huge dark cloud overhead.  May God bless you and
yours, Donald Becker!


Leo Wierzbowski

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