Does the tulip.c support Mandrake 6.5

Fuzzy Fox
Wed Jan 26 11:34:19 2000 <> wrote:
> I bought a Netgear 310TX card which tells me to use the tulip.c.

If it's a Netgear FA310TX with the "real" DEC Tulip chip on it, keep
that card, it's golden.  The tulip driver will work perfectly with it.

If it's the newer FA310TX (same part number) with the Netgear 82C169
PNIC on it, then it's the same time of card I have, and my experience is
that the tulip driver (0.91g, the only version I can find) does not work
very well with it at all.  I saw dropped packets, the card would
disappear off the net frequently, etc..

However, Netgear has modified the tulip driver to support their card. 
It should be on your installation disk that came with the card; look for
a LINUX directory, and you'll find a TULIP.C file which you can install
in the kernel source tree, in place of the tulip.c that is already
there.  When using this driver, I found that the card works quite well,
except that at high-throughput rates (I got up to 4.5 MB/s on my
half-duplex hub arrangement), the card would suddenly stop processing
packets, and need an ifconfig down/up in order to resume.  But that's a
topic in another thread.  Your luck may be better than mine.

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