Does the tulip.c support Mandrake 6.5

Thomas E. Dodd /CSDC
Wed Jan 26 10:16:24 2000 wrote:
> Hi,
> I bought a Netgear 310TX card which tells me to use the tulip.c. But when I
> installed the the linux ( Mandrake 6.5, support to be red hat 6.1 ), and
> choose the DEC 21040 option for the network configuration, the installation
> could probe the card, and refuse to continue. I had to back, and chose not to
> configure the network.

Why the 21040? You need tulip. In RH6.1 there is a tulip option
for the kernel module. You can try loading the module manualy
to see if it is detected. Use 'modprobe tulip'
you should see meessages from the driver in dmesg and it detects
the card and the MII tranciever.

> Later on, I recompiled the kernel, turn on the CONFIG_DEC_ELCP as instructed,
> install the kernel by:
> # gmake install

Deos this run lilo so the new kernel is loaded at boot?
> After reboot, nothing happens, from the /var/log/messages, I could not tell
> the card is found.

try dmesg
> Has anyone sucessfully installed a Netgear network card with 2.2.x linux ?


Check the Mandrake documentation, or the Mandrake support options
for more on network configuration in Mandrake.

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