Does the tulip.c support Mandrake 6.5
Wed Jan 26 01:08:19 2000


I bought a Netgear 310TX card which tells me to use the tulip.c. But when I 
installed the the linux ( Mandrake 6.5, support to be red hat 6.1 ), and 
choose the DEC 21040 option for the network configuration, the installation 
could probe the card, and refuse to continue. I had to back, and chose not to 
configure the network. 

Later on, I recompiled the kernel, turn on the CONFIG_DEC_ELCP as instructed, 
install the kernel by:
# gmake install

After reboot, nothing happens, from the /var/log/messages, I could not tell 
the card is found.

Has anyone sucessfully installed a Netgear network card with 2.2.x linux ?

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