Strage Netgear FA310Tx problem

Richard Atterer
Tue Feb 8 06:53:19 2000

On Tue, Feb 08, 2000 at 01:03:54AM +0000, Edward Zarecor wrote:
> I'm at a loss, no pun intended.  If it's the driver, why aren't I seeing 
> any packet loss to the Internet.  I also tried completely removing the 
> Netgear cards and using to older 3Com Etherlink III cards and still saw the 
> packet loss.  If it's the hub - Linksys 10/100 autosensing - why don't I 
> see any problems with the Windows machines?  tulip-diag did not report any 
> obvious problems.

Have you checked your cables? It's always the thing one thinks of
last... :)



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