3com driver and tulip driver in same box

Neill, Mark Mark_Neill@CSX.com
Tue Feb 8 09:57:05 2000

>On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 09:39:06PM +0000, omar wrote:
>> I have a 3com card which uses the 3c59x driver and a linksys card which 
>> uses the tulip driver.  One of them is on the cable modem, and the other
>> on my internal hub.  I use linux with ip masquerading to give 3 other 
>> computers internet access.  well i am using bogus addresses that belong
>> someone else for the internal LAN.
>I agree with Jason - something is wrong with your IP Masquerading
>configuration. You shouldn't "steal" IP addresses from your provider's
>range of IPs, as that will lead to problems for anyone else who
>actually tries to use those addresses. Use addresses from the reserved
>ranges instead, e.g. 192.168.x.x

Deinitely....you're going to run into problems if you ever need to connect
to the machine that really owns that IP address.  The 192.168.x.x class B
address network is specified by the RFC (I don't remember which one) as
reserved for internal networks, as is the 10.x.x.x class A network.  These
IP reanges are guaranteed to never be encountered in the wild on the
internet.  My home setup is:

	tbone-gw	x.x.x.x (BellSouth DSL)

	Default gateway for all systems is tbone-gw.

>Also check the IPCHAINS-HOWTO.

Which is a pain in the area just below the lumbar spine to use :)  I found a
set of scripts on FreshMeat (search there for ipchains-firewall) that does a
pretty good job of configuring ipchains itself.  It sets up all the various
DENY's and masquerading, and is comented to explain what the various entries
are allowing or blocking.  In fact, I had to delete some of the chains it
set up because it's too strict (it didn't by default allow SMB traffic on my
internal interfaces).  The only configuration is the editing of the script
to use your internal network ( in my case) and your external
network interface (eth0, or ppp0 when I was on dialup).

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