Strage Netgear FA310Tx problem

Edward Zarecor
Mon Feb 7 16:17:12 2000


I have a Linux gateway/firewall between a mixed linux and Windows network 
and the Internet via Bell Atlantic DSL.  The gateway machine has two 
FA310Tx cards - all of the other machines on the network also use this 
card.  The gateway is running RedHat 6.1 with the 2.2.13 kernel patched for 
pppoe support.  I'm using the netgear modified tulip driver.  Here's what 
I'm seeing.

1. Pinging between windows machines on local net: 0% packet loss.
2. Pinging between linux machines or windows to linux/linux to windows on 
local net: up to 75% packet loss, rarely better than 25%.
3. Pinging trusted sites on the Internet from the gateway machine:  0% 
packet loss - this is the case whether I use eth0 or eth1 as the external 
interface.  I loose packets at roughly the same rate on the local net from 
either interface.

I'm at a loss, no pun intended.  If it's the driver, why aren't I seeing 
any packet loss to the Internet.  I also tried completely removing the 
Netgear cards and using to older 3Com Etherlink III cards and still saw the 
packet loss.  If it's the hub - Linksys 10/100 autosensing - why don't I 
see any problems with the Windows machines?  tulip-diag did not report any 
obvious problems.

I'm wondering if there isn't a conflict between the Hub and the driver.  At 
times I see a repeated message in /var/log/messages the eth1 is be set to 
half duplex - which is the default and which I have not altered.  The 
message will repeat every 30 seconds or so.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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