3com driver and tulip driver in same box

Jason Thomas jason@topic.com.au
Mon Feb 7 17:27:56 2000

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if you masquarde they should only see one ip address.
all request look like they are coming from that ip address.

omar [omar@natasha.org] wrote:
> Just curious to know if the following scenario can happen.
> I have a 3com card which uses the 3c59x driver and a linksys card which 
> uses the tulip driver.  One of them is on the cable modem, and the other is 
> on my internal hub.  I use linux with ip masquerading to give 3 other 
> computers internet access.  well i am using bogus addresses that belong to 
> someone else for the internal LAN.  My cable modem stopped working and 
> @home said that they detected a 2nd IP address and shut down my cable 
> modem.  Then the @home tech said that regardless of using a proxy server or 
> not, all computers need a valid IP address on the internet.   Is it 
> possible that linux somehow displayed my 2nd card to the internet, even 
> though its not connected to it physically?
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