DEC21041 chip has no IRQ 0

Jason Thomas
Mon Feb 7 17:52:45 2000

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irq 4 is usually for /dev/ttyS0 or com1/3

irq 5 is usually assigned to most sound devices.

and irq 11 to the video adapter.

What you could try is moving cards to different slots on the motherboard starting with you tulip card.  We had to shuffle a heap of cards here at work they where D-Link cards and would not work in one particular pci slot under windows, although they worked fine under linux.

by the way the irq assignments i mentioned are only the common way they are assigned, they don't have to be that way..

Richard [] wrote:
> Hello 
> I have a a Farallon Etherwave PN593 PCI-Networkcard with a DEC DC21041
> chip. it doesnt get an IRQ assigned through the BIOS. This is why the
> tulip module also loads with IRQ 0 (null) and is not usable in LINUX ...
> By windoze it gets irq 4 ... 
> This is the output from the tulip-dialog program 
> tulip-diag.c:v1.19 10/2/99 Donald Becker (
> Index #1: Found a Digital DC21041 Tulip adapter at 0xe800.
> This chip has not been assigned a valid IRQ, and will not function.
>  This must be fixed in the PCI BIOS setup.  The device driver has no way
>  of changing the PCI IRQ settings.
>  Port selection is half-duplex.
>  Transmit stopped, Receive stopped, half-duplex.
>   The Rx process state is 'Stopped'.
>   The Tx process state is 'Stopped'.
>   The transmit unit is set to store-and-forward.
>   The NWay status register is 000000c4.
>   Internal autonegotiation state is 'Autonegotiation disabled'.
>  Use '-a' or '-aa' to show device registers,
>      '-e' to show EEPROM contents, -ee for parsed contents,
>   or '-m' or '-mm' to show MII management registers.
> when i change the BIOS settings and ENABLE the "PNP-OS" function the
> networkcard gets IRQ 5 
> Thats ok with me. But then the Video adapter get IRQ 11 and that i had
> reserved for my Gravis Ultra sound
> Is there another way to get this card working under linux to force the
> tulip module to use IRQ 4 ??  
> please email me because i am not on this list
> Richard
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