bug in tulip ver .91g and kernel version 2.2.11 - 2.2.12

Brian Haymore brian@chpc.utah.edu
Fri Sep 10 15:44:29 1999

This I'm sure will not be a popular report as I don't really have enough
detail to help solve the problem.  So I'm just making the problem I've
had known.

We have a dual Intel Pentium II 450 with an ASUS P2B-D motherboard with
512MB RAM and IDE Hard Drive and 2 Kingston KNE100TX (DEC 21140-AF)

I had linux-2.2.12 (vanilla) installed and then patched in tulip version
.91g to use.  This worked fine until I installed PBS to manage the
cluster that sits behind this interactive node.  When I started the PBS
Server and asked the server to check the status of the nodes the machine
died.  Now to clarify this a bit, it didn't die in the sence of a kernel
panic or a total crash.  It did however kill all network connectivity
and also seemed to hang up the kernel or catch it in some loop so that
very little happened.  I've now moved back to ver .91 of the tulip
driver and life seems better.

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Center for High Performance Computing
University of Utah
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