D-Link DFE-500TX + Linux + netboot problems

Mark Pavlichuk MarkP@thuringowa.qld.gov.au
Sun Oct 31 02:27:44 1999

  Problem (posted earlier today) solved.  The solution was to use the
latest test version Linux tulip driver (tulip.c v0.91g) and a Crynwr
(Digital DC21x4) packet driver : either the one that ships with Netboot
or the latest available via FTP.  The D-Link supplied packet driver and
the v0.91g tulip.c is still a non-working combo (although the linux
tulip driver still at least detects the card).

  I should have tried this earlier (sorry), but I suppose at least this
solution will find its way into search engines which might help

Mark Pavlichuk
PC Support Officer
Thuringowa City Council