MX 98715 AEC

Sun Oct 31 08:56:24 1999

Hi :-)

Recently I bought a CNet PRO120 NIC, which is 98715 based. tulip detects
it, everything's ok. But when the driver loads, it prints:

eth0: Macronix 98715 PMAC rev 32 at 0x6800, 00:80:AD:7A:5D:A7, IRQ 12.
eth0: EEPROM default media type 10baseT.

So why it's not autodetect (as should be the default of my NIC), but it's

I downloaded some docs from the Macronix' site about the MX 98715. That's
what I found:

Also, the MX98715 is equipped with intelligent IEEE802.3u-
compliant Nway auto-negotiation capability allowing a
single RJ-45 connector to link with the other IEEE802.3u-
compliant device without re-configuration. To optimize
operating bandwidth, network data integrity and through-
put, the proprietary Adaptive Network Throughput Con-
trol (ANTC) function is implemented. For detailed prod-
uct specification information, please refer to the
MX98715 data sheet.


In addition, here's what I found in the pamphlet with the NIC:


In most cases, Auto-Negotiation will automatically set
the proper line speed. It is included (usually as the
default setting) with each NOS driver. When the driver
is loaded, Auto-Negotiation checks the cable to
determine the speed of the attached device, and then
sets the Adapter to the highest possible speed.


So, it is so? Is the speed really determined when the driver is loading? So
if I have a 100 Mbps hub (or another NIC), I have to connect the cables
before loading the drivers? And I have to reload the driver every time I
change something on the net?

Strange, because the DOS drivers, after halting the PC for about 5 seconds
(under Linux, tulip doesn't stop at all), say "Line speed: NWay".

I don't know it this is a problem, I just don't have another 100 Mbps card
to test it. Does anybody knows about that? Thanks:
    Stoyan Iordanov