Please help

Wed Oct 13 16:56:06 1999

he did Becker write just about ever driver??? I can't believe this guy!
I came across an Intel EtherPro card, and of course, the driver is being 
developed at Becker's site.

By the way, anyone have an opinion on the 3COM Fast Etherlink PCI? it says 
3C595_TX on it, but the chip says 3COM 40-0196  9544S

At 08:29 AM 10/13/1999 , Brian Macy wrote:
>Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
> >
> > On Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 07:56:35AM -0500, Mob-Rules wrote:
> > > Which is better (less problems faster throughput)  tulip or via rhine?
> > > I currently have an older Linksys 89c168
> > > and need to purchase another nic but was wondering which is the better:
> > > Linksys
> > > or the Dlink DFE530TX?
> >
> > I've been achieving best results with 3c905-B and -C lately. 12.5 megs/sec
> > is a good result (unidirectional) with full duplex and for 
> bidirectional transfer
> > I'm getting a bit more than 10 megs/sec. With tulip, the numbers are lower,
> > especially for the unidirectional transfer, with the bidirectional one
> > the difference is not that big.
>I assume you mean Mbit right? Anyways, I have had nothing but bad luck
>with the 3c905b under Windows and Linux platforms... in fact I know
>several users and sysadmins who loath the things. Don't know about the
>3c905c. Which the KNE100TX uses the 21143 and the KNE110TX uses a
>Lite-On. Kingston was at Linux Expo in San Jose and I was happy to see
>them there (I think they were the only consumer networking company
>there)... the techie there even knew what he was talking about :)
>Supposedly there is a bad rev of the KNE100TX that has a nickel sized
>chip (I think the transceiver, not the 21143???) near the top of the
>board (away from the PCI slots). The fixed rev has a smaller chip nearer
>the PCI slots and closer to the bracket. The guys there said if you
>happen to get one of those cards they'll be happy to replace it with a
>newer rev.
>Brian Macy