Please help

Brian Leeper
Wed Oct 13 23:24:23 1999

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Brian Macy wrote:

> Supposedly there is a bad rev of the KNE100TX that has a nickel sized
> chip (I think the transceiver, not the 21143???) near the top of the
> board (away from the PCI slots). The fixed rev has a smaller chip nearer
> the PCI slots and closer to the bracket. The guys there said if you
> happen to get one of those cards they'll be happy to replace it with a
> newer rev.

Yes--the nickel-sized chip says SEEQ on it (and so does the smaller chip
on the new version). I don't think ALL of them are bad, but the older
revision does seem to have a high failure rate (we've probably used about
200 of the "bad" revision and about 20 of them have failed so far).