Sat Oct 16 16:44:09 1999

linksys 5-port switch and 10/100 pci cards, linux 2.2.10

I was blaming "bing" for erratic results with bing
testing bandwidth between hosts, because my
connection seemed to be not losing data in normal
use. It turns out I needed to upgrade to tulip.c 91s on
both ends, compiling with kernel_compat.h k_compat.h
pci_netif.h and pci_netif.c, adding "-o pci_scan.h", to
compile tulip.o and pci_scan.o. Now bing works.

bing -D -r -z -S1016 here there

estimated throughput 110 mbits/sec

avg throughput             94.8 mbits/sec

qu'est-ce que c'est "throughput"? FD?

bing maintainer is  Pierre Bessac


Bob wrote:
  > linksys 10/100 pci cards    $18.95(including $10 rebate)
  > "Through December 31st, 1999, when you purchase
  > this PC Card from Linksys, you are eligible for a $10
  > manufacturer mail-in rebate! The Rebate coupons can
  > be retrieved from the PCConnection website (at the
  > Linksys Showcase) or from the Linksys website at

  >It's linksys' 5-port switch, $99.95.