Trouble Compiling - Mandrake 6.1

Mon Nov 1 11:16:17 1999

I never got tulip to compile as a module.  Of course lots of people DID do 
it, so i'm sure its possible but well i only have so much time to f'** 
around with it.  So I copied it over the tulip.c in the source directory 
and just compiled it with the kernel. no problems there. the make bzImage 
scripts have the "right' options i guess since it compiles it just fine

At 12:27 AM 11/1/99 , Torrey Peacock wrote:
>I've been having a very hard time compiling tulip.  My computer is a dual 
>boot setup with Windows 98 and Linux Mandrake 6.1.  I have the @home cable 
>Internet service, and a SOHOware NDC 10/100 Fast Ethernet PCI card.  The 
>card includes a tulip driver for Linux on the install disk, but neither 
>that version, nor any of the others I have found on the Net will 
>compile.  I have used many different command lines, including exact copies 
>from the tulip source code. and from various Web pages and How-To's.
>The main error message I get is:
>tulip.c :101: warning : *warning You must compile this file with the 
>correct options!
>tulip.c :102 : warning : *warning See the last lines of the source file.
>tulip.c :103 : warning : *warning You must compile this driver with "-O".
>Depending on what arguments I put on the command line, I will also get an 
>error message from gcc saying that "-O is an unrecognized 
>option."  (!!)  I'm not a complete newbie to Linux, but I don't know very 
>much about the technical side.  I finally learned how to set-up a PPP 
>dial-up connection in Linux, but this Ethernet thing is driving me 
>crazy.  eth0 is not a "known device" to the kernel, so I assume I have to 
>add tulip as a module, or recompile the kernel with it.
>Can anybody help?  By the way, I have tried -O option with both O (upper 
>and lower case letter) and 0 (numeral zero).