Trouble Compiling - Mandrake 6.1

Torrey Peacock
Tue Nov 2 01:49:37 1999

At 08:14 AM 11/1/99 -0800, Omar wrote:
>I never got tulip to compile as a module.  Of course lots of people DID do 
>it, so i'm sure its possible but well i only have so much time to f'** 
>around with it.  So I copied it over the tulip.c in the source directory 
>and just compiled it with the kernel. no problems there. the make bzImage 
>scripts have the "right' options i guess since it compiles it just fine

A couple of people have suggested this, so I tried it, and the hell of it 
is, it STILL didn't compile!  The kernel and every other module came out 
fine, but not tulip.  The source file is still sitting there, but tulip.o 
is nowhere to be found.  Maybe Mandrake's compiler chokes on it somehow - 
should I try another distribution?