Trouble Compiling - Mandrake 6.1

Torrey Peacock
Wed Nov 3 02:00:18 1999

At 07:30 AM 11/1/99 -0600, Ted Ballou wrote:

>On another subject, I am having trouble with Mandrake 6.0 getting PPP
>to function: seems to connect fine, then dies with
>LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests
>Did you find any special tricks to get it to work?  I have ordered the
>Mandrake 6.1 disc, maybe there's something missing in the 6.0 release.

6.1 seems *alot* more polished to me - it finally delivers what Mandrake 
has been promising.  For setting up a dial-up connection, I recommend 
(assuming you are using KDE) Kwvdial.  Its on the Mandrake disk.  Input a 
few basic parameters, and it probes for your modem and configures 
everything good to go.  KPPP is a nice dialer, too.  Unless you really know 
what you're doing, using these graphical tools is a much better plan than 
"root"-ing around in config files.

If Kwvdial fails for some reason, you can access a very helpful mailing 
list from the developers' Web site -