Thanks, a clarification.

Greg Kettmann
Mon May 10 14:57:04 1999

First, an apology.  A few of the replies were critical and suggest I
didn't do my homework.  My fault.  I did do my homework but didn't know
what to put into the note.  I'll try to correct that.  

I'm not using modules since I compiled the driver into the kernel.  Does
this mean that conf.modules has no effect?

I'm not at the machine (I work in Indiana but live in New Hampshire,
yuch, the joys of consulting) but the ifconfig shows that I have both
ETH0 and ETH1.  One is, Interrupt 10 and the other is, Interrupt 11.  However only one physical adapter responds
to both addresses.  

I've configured both the conf.modules and the lilo.conf, both
specifically and generically.  I'll explain that in a moment.  My
lilo.conf looks like:
append="ether=0,0,eth0 ether=0,0,eth1"

and conf.modules looks like:
alias eth1 tulip
alias net-pf-4 off 	#Don't autoload ipx
alias net-pf-5 off 	#Don't autoload appletalk

By generic I mean that the ether=0,0,eth0 is generic and should auto
discover the cards.  I've specifically named them by changing the append
line of lilo.conf to indicate IRQ 10, IO 0x4000 and IRQ 11, IO 0X4400
(which is what is indicated at boot).  Sorry I can't remember the exact
format right now.  

I intend to use this as a firewall.  Right now I'm just configuring two
cards on the same subnet as a test (that should be fine right???).  Once
I have both cards working I'll switch one adapter over to another net
and start the RC.Firewall script.  

Thanks for any help.  BTW am I ?posting? this right.  I'm using mail. 
Is this reflected in a newsgroup?  I have subscribed.