Christopher J. Morrone
Mon May 10 00:43:53 1999

On Sun, 9 May 1999, Greg Kettmann wrote:

> I posted to the comp.os.linux.networking but the results were limited. 
> I'm a consultant and I'd really like to start using more Linux for
> Firewalls.  Unfortunately it's a bit tricky getting it set up.  For my
> latest project I was forced to buy Ethernet cards locally (at Best
> Buy).  I figured 3-Com would be a good bet but there was no Linux
> support for their particular card.  As such I got the LinkSys card built
> on the Tulip driver.  It (one) installed and ran perfectly.  
> The facts:
> Red Hat 5.2  (Since I needed to recompile anyway for firewall support I
> upgraded to 2.2.6)
> Kernel 2.2.6
> Tulip 0.89H
> When I installed the second adapter everything looked good but it's not
> working properly.  IFCONFIG shows everything normally.  However only one

What do you mean by that?  Do you see two network devices when you run
ifconfig? eth0 and eth1?  If so, whats the problem? :)  How do you expect
them to be used?  Are you trying to bridge two networks, route for a
subnet...what exactly do you want the second card to do?

> adapter is being used (proven by disconnecting cables).  I've tried
> various options in the conf.modules and the lilo.conf files.  I've yet
> to get both adapters to be seen.  If I remove the 'first' or working
> adapter the other adapter works fine.  I'm at a loss as to what to try
> next.  
> 1)  What do you suggest for lilo.conf and conf.modules?  
> 2)  If that doesn't work and recommendations on the next step?  The
> choices are:
> 	A) Dropping back to RH 5.2 without the upgrade to 2.2.6?
> 	B) Using the latest .91 Tulip drivers
> 	C) Switching one of the adapters (I've another running (production)
> firewall.  I could use one of it's adapters (NE2000) but I'm worried
> about the impact to the production machine.  Do I have to compile in
> Tulip support?)
> Thanks for any help.