Thanks, a clarification.

Mon May 10 19:04:23 1999

On Mon, May 10, 1999 at 01:56:36PM -0500, Greg Kettmann allegedly wrote:
> I'm not at the machine (I work in Indiana but live in New Hampshire,
> yuch, the joys of consulting) but the ifconfig shows that I have both
> ETH0 and ETH1.  One is, Interrupt 10 and the other is
>, Interrupt 11.  However only one physical adapter responds
> to both addresses.  

Hmm, both cards are (probably) on the same network! What networkmask are
you using? Using tcpdump you should be able to verify that ARP request are
f@cked up (and routing too, probably). You machine is probably sending out
ARP requests on ETH0 for machines connected to ETH1 (or vice versa). You
will need to adjust your netmask so both IP's are no longer in the same
network. Better yet, move the IP's out of the same network (if possible).
If you want multiple IP's on one network, use IP aliases.

Since there is exactly 100 between both IP's, I assume you've chosen these
arbitrarily (otherwise it probably would have been 128 :)

Mail me privately if you can't get it to work.

Btw. I'm assuming your using the a standard B class networkaddress
( or even a C class network ( You would need to
use a netmask like (or even to get them on 
a different network. But then you might get into CIDR troubles with routers
and stuff like that.