21143 observations

Robert Olsson Robert.Olsson@data.slu.se
Wed Mar 17 15:58:07 1999


Just got my some new boards with the Intel 21143 chip. And before giving 
this more time I like to hear if there are any other experiences. 
So no debugging info included here... tulip.c  0.90q

Some experiences from this afternoon:

I)  First board is a PLANET ENW-9501 +(V.2) It's equipped with Intel 21143-PD 
    The Intel chip seems not to be 100% identical to the "old" 21143
    DEC chip. Especially the setting csr0 register seems different.
    Donald found a working setting. Thanks!

a)  Some problems. auto-negotiation does not work correctly. At least not 
    after a link failure. ifconfig up results in the correct FDX-FDX 
    for my setup. But after the failure the 21143 goes to the correct 
    FDX due to think advertisement but the other end get into HDX. 
    We tested both a Cisco switch and 21140 with the same tulip.c.
    The same tulip.c with 21140 seems to do this correct.

b)  Also locking the 21143 to FDX seems not work. We locked a Cisco 
    switch 100/FDX. But the 21143 defaults to 100/HDX.

II) The second board. This a new 4-port board named D-LINK DFE-570TX
    4 Intel 21143-TD plus a Intel 21152-AB. I guess it's a PCI-bride.
    And 4 tranceiver chips National?

a)  The board gets recognized by driver. But has problem with recognizing
    the link status. Seems like board gets in FDX at least the LED on 
    board indicates this. Also the link partner gets into FDX. 
    But tulip-diag diagnostics HDX.