Accton EN2220

Michael Hanekom
Tue Jul 27 07:50:45 1999

Hi Stanley,

Thanks for your prompt response. After trying the following and still
having trouble, I discovered that the source of my irritation was the O2
Micro pcmcia cardbus that was the offender. i have not been able to find
much info on what the problem is with the cardbus, but have in the
meantime exchanged the notebook for one that has a more "pleasant"
cardbus. The EN2220 now works.

Thanks again.


>     That's the problem of the configuration of pcmcia support package.  First
> get a new version of tulip.c, at least 0.91 or later.  The file comes with
> 2.2.x kernel is too old.  Then you need to modify the source code of pcmcia to
> enable pci interrupt which needed for card status and NWAY interrupts.  In
> short, edit pcmcia-cs-3.0.xx/modules/i82365.c.  Search for string pci_csc, you
> can see such lines
> /* PCI card status change interrupts? */
> static int pci_csc = 0;
> /* PCI IO card functional interrupts? */
> static int pci_int = 0;
>     The default configuration is pci interrupts disabled, so change 0 to 1 the
> enable these.  You can also use parameters of this module, but I'd like to set
> it directly.  And pcmcia 3.0.10-3.0.12 don't work on my note, 3.0.13 is ok,
> and I haven't tested 3.0.14 package.
>     Hope you good luck.