The 21143 chip...
Mon Jul 26 09:04:18 1999

From: Dave Pfaltzgraff@PATAPSCO on 07/26/99 09:00 AM

Having just joined this list because of problems with the Acer ALN-310 versus
the ALN-315, I'm sorta glad to hear of similar problems from other areas -
Kingston, etc. When I first started working with Linux in a production
environment, Acer was supplying us with the ALN-310 which is 21140 based. On the
next system supplied to us, it was the ALN-315 using the 21143. Fortunately, the
driver supplied RH 6.0 (version 0.89) worked. But recently when I recompiled the
kernel to support CD-RW it stopped working. I lost two days trying to find out
why. Eventually, I just downloaded the latest driver (0.91) and it's working
again. (Beats me!)

Thanks once again to the team for keeping me out of hot water.