Accton EN2220

Ning Ye
Sun Jul 25 11:26:46 1999

Hi Michael,
    That's the problem of the configuration of pcmcia support package.  First
get a new version of tulip.c, at least 0.91 or later.  The file comes with
2.2.x kernel is too old.  Then you need to modify the source code of pcmcia to
enable pci interrupt which needed for card status and NWAY interrupts.  In
short, edit pcmcia-cs-3.0.xx/modules/i82365.c.  Search for string pci_csc, you
can see such lines
/* PCI card status change interrupts? */
static int pci_csc = 0;
/* PCI IO card functional interrupts? */
static int pci_int = 0;
    The default configuration is pci interrupts disabled, so change 0 to 1 the
enable these.  You can also use parameters of this module, but I'd like to set
it directly.  And pcmcia 3.0.10-3.0.12 don't work on my note, 3.0.13 is ok,
and I haven't tested 3.0.14 package.
    Hope you good luck.
    Stanley Ye

Michael Hanekom wrote:

> Hi Stanley,
> I have found the threads from the mailing lists on pcmcia development and
> I was wondering if you managed to get the Accton EN2220 to work
> successfully ?
> I have managed to get the interface up using kernel 2.2.10 and
> pcmcia-cs-3.0.14. However, having the interface up and actually being able
> to send and receive packets are 2 different things. The minute I try to
> ping anything it starts pushing this onto my screen:
> eth0: 21140 transmit timed out, status f0260000
> Any news or help would be welcome.
> Mike
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