Kingston KNE100TX

Nigel Metheringham
Mon Jan 18 06:14:07 1999 said:
} The summary goes that the Kingston card is still a true Tulip NIC and
} a trouble-free one at that.  One respondant suggested other, less
} expensive Tulips (Acer ALN310U and Samsung SC1200TX) as other options.

We have a few hundred KNE-100TX cards around.  They are generally very 
good, *but*:-

  1.  We had a quality problem in Q3/Q4 1998.  About 20% of cards
      failed after around 3 days use.  100 Base T appeared very
      susceptible to noise.  [The failure problem has now gone away]

  2.  The cards do change occasionally without warning.  So far keeping
      to a very recent driver has kept us OK.

  3.  The KNE-110 card has a non Digital core.  We have tested a couple
      and had real problems.  Latest drivers/card versions may be OK.
      [The big problem is that the card transmitted at full speed when
      we first tried it - this does serious damage to your network]
      This card is cheaper than the 100.

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