Kingston KNE100TX

Mon Jan 18 03:04:08 1999

> On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Apu wrote:
> > I'm looking for a new NIC (unless someone has a solution to my current
> > Netgear problem -- it's Rev. D-1 Netgear FA-310TX and no matter what
> > driver I use, you end up with 70-90% packet loss for any packet over 100
> > bytes on a 10 Mbps hub).
> > 
> > Anyone know if the Kingston KNE100TX is a real Tulip NIC still?  Or, is it
> > like the Netgear card where they changed to a "compatible" chip without
> > changing the part number?  If not this card, which?

Thanks to all who replied, either to me directly or to the list.

The summary goes that the Kingston card is still a true Tulip NIC and
a trouble-free one at that.  One respondant suggested other, less
expensive Tulips (Acer ALN310U and Samsung SC1200TX) as other options.

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