Kingston KNE100TX

Christopher E. Brown
Sun Jan 17 16:47:39 1999

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Apu wrote:

> I'm looking for a new NIC (unless someone has a solution to my current
> Netgear problem -- it's Rev. D-1 Netgear FA-310TX and no matter what
> driver I use, you end up with 70-90% packet loss for any packet over 100
> bytes on a 10 Mbps hub).
> Anyone know if the Kingston KNE100TX is a real Tulip NIC still?  Or, is it
> like the Netgear card where they changed to a "compatible" chip without
> changing the part number?  If not this card, which?

	We use the KNE100TX for all 100mbit ether around here.  As of the
last shipment of cards (received about 3 days ago) the cards are in a new
box, but direct inspection shows that other than some minor revs they are
the same (still use the DEC chip, just a slightly diff physical layout).

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