strange behavior with 21143 cards

Kevin Myer
Fri Aug 13 12:19:56 1999

I'm also having a similar problem here.  Lest I ever get the feeling that
my NIC works ok, it always seems to do something.  After ironing out a
duplex mismatch between switch and card, I'm back to the same problem you
describe.  Some services work fine but an ftp session causes the card to
hang badly and requires a restart of networking (thank goodness its not NT
or I'd be rebooting really often).  I haven't come up with a good
explanation for this.  I'm using the 0.91g driver with a 2.2.10 kernel.
Although I thought I had eliminated wiring, I'm beginning to second guess
all my troubleshooting at this point, as I have an identical card in
another machine (our main server) and it works fine.  The card in my
workstation is the flaky one.

Sorry I can't help other than to confirm that at least someone else is
having this problem.  I suspect others are as I've seen several posts
regarding eth 0 XXX vs. XXX hung error messages, which I suspect is


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