strange behavior with 21143 cards

Metod Kozelj
Fri Aug 13 02:16:16 1999


On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, David Watson wrote:

> I am working on a linux cluster which is being built, and I am having some
> strange problems with tulip cards in the machines.  I'm hoping someone can 
> help me out with a little advise (or a patch!)
> Setup: 
> tulip.c = v0.91g
> cards = Kingston KNE100TX.  There are 2 of these PCI cards in each machine.
>         /proc/pci reports DEC DC21142 (rev 65).  
>         tulip driver reports Digital DS21143 Tulip rev 65
> kernel = 2.2.5
> arch = ix86(P2), 2 proc. SMP

Are you using these cards in full-duplex mode? Try to force them to
half-duplex, it did make difference to me.

Here we have a small cluster (5 machines, Alpha SX164), tied up using a
10/100baseT HD/FD switch. The main node has two DE500 NICs, one with 21140
and the other with 21143, slave nodes have all some TrendNET NICs with
21140. The communication between the cluster nodes is done FD, the
communication to the rest of the universe is done HD. At first I used the
21143-based DE500 for the FD communication and the performance was
horrible (about 96kBps for FTP). Then I changed it so that the DE500 with
21140 is used for FD operation and the FTP is running at wire speed (about
1.1MBps). The 21143 is happy running HD (about 1.0MBps transfer rate).


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