2.2.11 and tulip.c issues

Richard Dynes rdynes@varcom.com
Fri Aug 13 10:08:27 1999

Alan Cox wrote:
> > Do we need to download Donald's 0.91 and test it or what?
> Try it - the more data we get (especially Don gets) the better

I've cross posted this to the tulip list.

I've been running v0.91 for months since all of the hardware I get now
(Znyx 4 port ethercards, Ziatech CPUs) has tulip 21143s on them, and
I've occasionally experienced some really bad network jams when I boot
with 89H on a 21143.  Fortunately, I've only got genuine Intel/DEC
21143s, so I haven't had to deal with any clone issues.

Except for some autonegotiate things with some of the boards I have
(Znyx), I haven't had any problems that I attribute to v0.91.  But
then I mostly telnet in, and occassionally ftp new kernels over. Most
of the ethernet traffic doesn't go up the network stack, see below. I
haven't set up a test plan for testing the driver exhaustively for
large files, full utilization at 100mbit, and full duplex, etc.
Actually, 100% utilization at 100mbit may be a bit much, to think
about it.

Disclaimer: I'm hacking the tulip driver itself (see
http://www.tidalwave.net/~rdynes for a patch and driver tarball), thus
I associate any trouble with tulip with my own hacks. 


    Richard Dynes