Roland Pfretzschner
Mon Aug 9 16:06:28 1999

Hello, Mr. Bourke,

I tested the  ANA6911A/TXC  at our site with the following results:

tulip version 0.89H (delivered with delix DLD 6.01) doesn't work at all
tulip version 0.90  works with TX10 and TX100, but doesn't with BNC
tulip version 0.91  works with BNC, if called with "options=1" i.e.
                    the /etc/conf.modules contains the lines:

                 alias eth0 tulip
                 options tulip options=1

tulip version 0.91 doesn't work with TX (with or without options)

I would like to post this message to the right newsgroup, but I found 
your message in the "tux" archive and don't know, to which newsgroup
it belongs.


R. Pfretzschner
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